Snake River Montessori School
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Summer Program

 Summer Fun

 May 27 through August 22
Closed Memorial Day and July 4th!




  Daily Schedule
Circle Time
  Themed Lesson
  Silent Reading
  Themed Lesson
  Free Play
  Weekly Themes

  Week of May 27th:            Extended day
  Week of June 2nd:            Mad Scientist & Photography
  Week of June 9th:             Art and Drama & Videography
  Week of June 16th:           Bridges & Pop bottle chemistry
  Week of June 23rd:           All things printed & Glee
  Week of July 30th:            Secret Formulas & A Palette of Fun
  Week of July 7th:              Let’s have a Party
  Week of July 14th:            Amusement Park rides Physics & Forts and Dragons
  Week of July 21st:            Water works
  Week of July 28th:            Flight & Cooking
  Week of August 4th:         Art & Dutch Oven Cooking/Camping
  Week of August 11th:       Dance & Lego Robotics
  Week of August 18th:       Microscopes and Claymation

  We will host special presentations and/or activities on Friday. We will also have an occasional field trip away from
  the school.  (Dependent on securing proper transportation)

  Primary Montessori Morning

  Practical Life
  Letter Sounds
  Bubble Magic
  Summer Fun  

  Primary Afternoon Fun

  Rest Time
  Outdoor Recreation
  Creative Play



$50.00/Primary   $125.00/Elementary
Montessori Mornings 8:30-12:00   $85.00/week
Elementary Weekly 8:30 -3:30   $140.00/week
Primary 5 day All Access    $625.00/month
Elementary 5 day All Access   $700.00/month
(All Access hours – 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. )

Occasional Use
$4.00/per hour
(Deposit of $150.00 required upon registration)






Primary Parent Education - Postoned to date TBD

8/27, 8/28:  New Primary Student Orientaion (times in Back to School information to be mailed 8/1)

8/28: 1st and 4th Year  Student Orientation (times in Back to School information to be mailed 8/1)


First Day of School!

9/2: Kindergarten Parent Orientation 7:00pm

9/3: Elementary Parent Orientation- LE 7:00pm/UE 8:00pm

9/5: Back to School Picnic 

9/17: Board of Directors Report to Parents 7;00pm

9/27: 2nd Annual SRMS 5K and Kids Fun Run

Snake River
Montessori School

2970 E. 1st Street
Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: 208.524.4730

Snake River Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.