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Parental involvement in the operation and growth of Snake River Montessori School (SRMS) encourages and enhances parental involvement in your child's education. As a parent at SRMS, there are many rewarding opportunities for parents to interact with teachers, other parents, and Board members while contributing to your child's educational experience.

Good communication with your child's teacher is an important element in your child's education. To this end, there are parent orientation sessions scheduled at the beginning of each academic year, parent education meetings held during the year, and parent-teacher conferences held throughout the year. You will receive a monthly newsletter to inform you of current activities at the school.




The administration and Board members will keep you informed in a timely manner about activities and school plans. Communication will include the following:

Monthly Newsletter.

The newsletter is intended to inform you of current activities at the school and includes a summary of Board meetings. The monthly newsletter will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month.

Bulletin Boards in the School.

These bulletin boards will contain notices, agendas, schedules, and other important information. Please feel free to ask the staff to post any items you feel would be of interest to the parents and be sure to check the board frequently.

Parent Board Meeting.

This meeting will be held once a year to promote direct communication between Board members and parents. We encourage at least one parent from each family to attend.


This website provides the school calendar, policies, handbook, job opportunities, and information about school events. A list of links to other Montessori schools and resources is also included.

Board Meetings.

These meetings are held at the school on every second Wednesday of each month and are open to all parents. This is a good way to find out about the plans and workings of our Board.

Electronic Bulletins.

The school will occasionally use email to communicate information or request volunteer services. The school's email address is


Download our handbook here.







Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Board meeting 7 pm Art & Music room

4/21: Mackenzie River Pizza School Night Out
4/27-5/1: Upper Elementary to Teton Science School 


 Art & Music Show 6:30pm

5/13: Board Meeting 7pm Art & Muaic Room
5/19: Mackenzie River Pizza School Night Out (last one!)

5/21: Last day of School

5/22: School Picnic Tautphus Park Shelter # 3   11am-1pm


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Snake River Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.