Snake River Montessori School
nurturing potential

For 6-9 year olds.

The goal of the elementary program is to help each student gain self-esteem, independence, physical development, and academic achievement.

Day in the life of an lower elementary student

It is Monday morning and I come into the classroom at 8:30 and greet the teacher. I go to my cubby, put my coat away and put on my slippers ready to start the day. Morning starts with a journal, sometimes its free writing, sometimes it is reading to the upper elementary students. Each day it is something different.

At 8:45 it is time for circle. This week it is Noahs turn to lead the circle. He asks questions about the calendar, tells us how many days we have been in school using money. Then we say three other ways we can get that amount in money. It makes for a fun way to learn to make change. Then we discuss the days news both what we hear from the news or TV and then the teacher discusses the headlines with us. We end our circle with yoga and the Pledge of Allegiance.


After read aloud it is lunch and recess. I brought chicken nuggets to warm up. My Mom also bought me milk to drink. Our playground is nice. We like to play tag and capture the flag.After recess I read silently from a book from home or from our library.

At 1:30 it is time for our specialist time. Today it is geometry. On Tuesdays we do PE and science, Wednesday is art, Thursday is music and Friday is cultural works.
Now it is time for our jobs before we go home. My job this week is to clean the tables. Each week everyone changes jobs. When everything is cleaned up I go home or to extended day.


Primary Parent Education - Postoned to date TBD

8/27, 8/28:  New Primary Student Orientaion (times in Back to School information to be mailed 8/1)

8/28: 1st and 4th Year  Student Orientation (times in Back to School information to be mailed 8/1)


First Day of School!

9/2: Kindergarten Parent Orientation 7:00pm

9/3: Elementary Parent Orientation- LE 7:00pm/UE 8:00pm

9/5: Back to School Picnic 

9/17: Board of Directors Report to Parents 7;00pm

9/27: 2nd Annual SRMS 5K and Kids Fun Run

Snake River
Montessori School

2970 E. 1st Street
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Phone: 208.524.4730

Snake River Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.